We start the day We look for some difference We find some way We give our best We look for love We put it for test We find some excuse We use it to get stress Life goes on We stay the same It all goes away When we close our eyes and rest. AJ


In some moments of life I just wanted to run Someone came by And it started to happen It started to get clear As she took me under sun Running was boring Fighting had the fun She came in with light Of her smile where it began We moved though the time Apart we went…


if you feel like trapped its natural to get attacked by all those sketchy eyes they eats you from inside you find yourself in an endless tunnel you are running all the time and all you find is hurdle it got different stages like very different pages it always bring you something new and every…

is it right

we feel, we see and we judge on sight we have fun and enjoy and live the night we cry we laugh and always have a fight but its tough answer the question of weather if ” is it right ” ……. …………………………… Ashutosh Jha  


“Everything all the time Should always be mine” With thought that stupid We live our life unfulfilled We get jealous and get mad Get get desperate and sad We make decisions in rage And lock our happiness in cage Anger takes over and drags us to end Before actually dying we get to see the…


In the bottom of the sea I am fading Wrinkles all over the body I am shaking Dying in the pressure of water I am breaking But I can’t walk away cause I am waiting……. ………………………….. Ashutosh Jha.


Eyes They see you They judge you They hate you Every minute They bite you They fight you They defeat you At your limit This games of eyes Kills us from inside We can’t beat all these eyes We can just try to look higher in the sky.


Delight of ur eyes Makes my day alive I see them everyday And they just keep getting Brighter every time U and ur presence has always been my prize I wish we can stop every time we pass by… Maybe I am stupid with this attraction But all I want is ur little attention…. ……………………

In moment

In middle of life Yet I don’t care Its time of action And all I do is stare Getting crushed in pain And I have nothing to feel Coz I am caught in a moment And for me its just this moment which is real…… ……………

Let her

Originally posted on Elixir called ink:
I don’t feel confident about this post since I’ve had a writer’s block for a very long time now. But it holds a special place in my heart. I hope I’ve done justice to it. She was compromised, she knew, at best. She would be thrown into distasteful uprage.…