Looking for peace

Drifted apart through the wind

Being chased by my own shadow.

Even brightness is too scary.

Every ray is radiating sorrow

Ray of hope is now dark to me.

Oblivion of peace is the place where i wanna be

But place of peace

I guess is away from my reach

But whatever comes in the way

I guess i have to keep going every minute extending my feet.


Ashutosh Jha.(Man’s poetry.)



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  1. Sreeblogs says:

    Good one…it’s true indeed that we have to keep moving but I think it’s okay to be sad and take a pause at times👌🏻👌🏻


    1. Yeah its mostly that way.

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  2. shalini says:

    Ashutosh, do you think this place of peace is so deep within us that we have forgotten to discover it… I am a restless soul and I constantly seem to be searching for that elusive thing… Maybe I should start looking within..

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    1. Well I am digging for it myself too but it mine case it absolutely within me cause all the problems I have I because of my dynamic and reckless personality. I guess in case of most of people its always something that’s within. I am not sure but if you really wanna look inside I suggest you should start meditating that’s something that helps me a lot. And there are some other ways too like breathing exercises and my therapist makes me do both meditation and breathing exercises. And its always within.

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      1. shalini says:

        Yeah I know… Thanks


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