When you close your eyes

Separated by an illusion that I don’t mind 

Making my way through is always easy to find.

Its block my view but I will see through

You won’t ever be lost cause I always be seeing you.

I know this distance is cruel cause it keeps us away

But just remember it this way 

When ever you close your eyes 

I will always be there by your side.

All your pain will hide

Cause your hero has arrived.

Colors of your sky will sure change.

All you will see is a colorful rain.

You will Smile with glee and see the brightest sunshine.

Cause I will be there standing by your side


Ashutosh Jha.

To: Chetoo


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  1. Awww, this one’s beautiful!


    1. yeah it is cause it is intensified by the touch for my friend.

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  2. Sreeblogs says:

    Wow your childhood friend is very lucky, I must say😊


    1. She is wonderful like we very separated for like 10 yrs and now we got each others no. Few day ago and we chat all the time. Its like those days are back again.

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      1. Sreeblogs says:

        Lucky you two…it happens rarely that two childhood friends get back and the depth of friendship remains same 🙂


        1. Yeah its still the same actually we still act like stupid kids.


  3. Nice! I like your blog.

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    1. Really thank ful to u


    2. Really thankful to u

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