To Chetoo

Hi guys i bet you all have one special childhood friend. That was a big part of your life when you were a kid but later you have gone apart for reasons like moving to new place. I just found out a friend of mine so this post is for her.


Marked my Childhood

By your wonderful grace

But you had to leave

And I lost all your trace.

Times with you were the innocent days

Fight , Games and school was

Really wonderful those days.

Time passed we got apart

But we were constant just the way we are.

We might have grown up

Some might say you are pretty

But for me you were always that

Annoying kid that always played dirty

You were my enemy yet my best friend.

But I really hated the way it all end.

I don’t know how to say this to you

But the ture fact is I really missed you.


Ashutosh Jha (Man’s poetry.)

To my childhood frind that was to leave me for grown ups reasons.



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  1. So lovely!! True we all have one best friend atleast!! Not parted but yes after marriage life changes and and place where you stay!! We make sure to meet when we are same town!!

    Emotional post!!

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  2. What an adorable picture! Thank you for sharing this touching story of your friend.


    1. yeah it was a part of m childhood


  3. Sreeblogs says:

    This reminded me of all my special childhood friends whom I miss badly ☹️☹️👌🏻


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