Moments in love part3

Hi guys if you are reading this you should have first checked out the previous parts




Love still held us together

Marriage was my favorite

But our family stepping in

Then it all started to fall apart

For reasons of there pride and arrogance

They found it OK the suppress our innocence

But that wasn’t enough to keep us away

It gave us worst time but we had to find our way.

But again cause it was our love 

We did put a fight 

We got back together but

Had to pay the price.

We got back together and never looked back

But it left a effect on us 

Cause the price we paid took big part of us.

We moved away and started new life 

And then when we had our Prince 

That gave us the joy that we thought we will never find.

We lived our dreams now 

We did our jobs now it time to 

Make a king from the prince 

That is a hope of our life and 

A king that again we have to find.


To – Bijji mosi

From- Ashu

A real tribute to people in real life.


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  1. I tnink people going through similar situations can relate to it on a personal level. I have no personal connection to it, but still i think you’ve beautifully conveyed it. You’re growing as a poet amazingly. Keep it up! Best wishes! 😊😊


  2. You truly a good poet!! How well you explained the problems that many people face!! Well penned down!!


    1. Yeah and sure are lovely follower encouraging my every post. These are the things that keeps me going.

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  3. Sreeblogs says:

    So it ends here?? Will miss it☹️☹️


    1. Well a story never ends its just we hear a part of it

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  4. eliza rudolf says:



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