Bird lost in flight

In a deep forest 

There was a little nest 

It was of mama bird 

Had few babies who did rest

On one day which was bright 

All little bird tried there flight 

They started flying high 

Reached the highest crest

But there was one left behind

Poor little thing was laying on the ground

Scared , crying and desperate to be found.

Few second on ground was killing him by his fear

But mama picked him up his one mommy dear.
He got saved and brought back to his height

But pretty little bird lost his flight.


Man’s poetry.


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  1. Ohh!! Till her Mumma is there she will surely learn her flight… deep meaning and wonderful poem!!


    1. Yeah thanks for liking

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  2. Sreeblogs says:

    Aww this is sweet and it tells you that your mother will do anything to save you 🙂


    1. Yeah its mostly that too.

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  3. You write a lot about birds; is it the imagery of flying, feathers, wings?


    1. Its like I feel related to these things

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s nice that you recognize your muse. 😊


        1. yeah i think i did.

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  4. eliza rudolf says:



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