To my bro

Depositphotos 72490465 ori

Its your beauty and your glow

Its presence of your aura

That has a wonderful flow.

I love your style and

I love your way

Cause these are things

That makes my day

People are stupid and sometimes they make you feel low

But don’t worry I am always here to bring back your pretty glow.

No matter what someone say

Just remember

Your are lovely bro

My 8th wonder


To my bro: Aastha Rajput

you an amazing girl but

you are my bro


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  1. Aw! I really liked this one!


  2. Lovely!! Undoubtedly a lovely relationship between brother and sister!!


    1. yeah but she is mostly like the brother i never had

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      1. 😀😀!! That’s the best quality of a sister!!


        1. Yeah you can say that

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  3. eliza rudolf says:

    This is a great tribute to your brother…💟💝


    1. She is a girl but much more like my brother. Really strong we go to gym together

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      1. eliza rudolf says:

        Oh that’s greaaaatttt…!!!☺☺


        1. We even have a bro code that I don’t wanna be public with.

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    1. So you entered in my blog gotta tell you its always nice when people appreciate my work.

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