In the river

Dropped in a river of outrageous flow

Which won’t kill me cause water is low

I got beaten up and thrown away

I tried to fight it and tried to be brave 

But didn’t stood a chance 

Cause they were strong angry wave.

I can see the bank opposite to the flow

But it was hard cause it was

A river of outrageous flow.


Man’s poetry


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  1. Sreeblogs says:

    Wow…I think it’s a little different from what you usually write…good one:)


    1. yeah from “lost flower” i started writing with symbolism i really wanna be a nice poet so i gotta learn things

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      1. Sreeblogs says:

        You are improving everyday and that itself is the quality most required to become a good poet


        1. thanks for saying that.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. quirkyshine says:

    This is amazing 😊😊 keep it up😊


    1. oh thank you very much

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sometimes life certainly feels this way. Well done. 🙂


    1. Sometimes we have to against opposite flow

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