Clouds I always wonder

Why you have no form

Trying to give you one

Is what most of the time I work on

But you always change yourself

And prove me wrong.

Clouds I always wonder

Why you have no form

In the world of this hustle

Just looking at you relaxes

All my muscle

You make pass out for hours

Taking different shapes

Sometimes of a face, a cat and

Sometimes of flowers

I wish  of living inside you

The cloud

But to trust the change you go through

Is something that I can’t do.


-man’s poetry


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  1. My childhood was filled with days and nights gazing up at the stars and clouds,and trying to read those different fluffy patterns,yeah,was a pro at that..Even now,sometimes that old habit tends to revisit..This poem made me nostalgic of all those days when life was so much more simpler and we could gaze away at the sky for as long as we could without a worry

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    1. Yeah today I was laying on bed looking outside the window say some pretty clouds and bam got this poem. This poem is special for me too cause yeah my childhood came alive

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  2. Beautifully composed!! I still like to sit by and gaze at the sky and figure out the different shapes of clouds that are formed!! Make you feel like living in heaven!!


    1. Thanks for these supporting words .

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