when i was a kid

This just something that is been floating in my head from a long time.  just wanted it out


When I was a kid

I wished of living in woods

Where monkeys were my friends

And I slept on the trees

and ate weird  foods

I thought of making a house

That was filled with monkeys and mouse.

When I was a kid

I wished for a pet as tiger

Who gave me ride to all the timberland

I also wanted to take him for a walk

Running  by the sea beating every waves

When I was a kid.

I wished of walking on tree running through the branches

And jumping over the trees .

Protecting whole jungle

From all the external  risks.

When I was a kid

Now since I am a grownup

There is one thing for sure

I do live in jungle

That is been slashed off

I was a little late to come in

And threats were early

And before I knew they turned that

Pretty jungle into an ugly.

They created animals more ruthless then

Real animals.

I always dreamed of living in jungle

Now that I am I don’t like it.



People say plant a tree to stop pollution

I just wanna ask what plant should we plant in our head to stop pollution there .




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